Alexandro Maria Tirelli

The Law Firm of Alexandro Maria Tirelli is a large internationally known firm that serves as an expert in the practice of criminal law. The Law Firm of Alexandro Maria Tirelli has presence in all major European cities, the United States and South America. Mr. Tirelli has a large network of the professional alliances therefore allowing him to provide exceptional representation to his clients globally.

Mr. Tirelli is a prominent criminal and international law attorney. His primary area of practice is national and international criminal law including but not limited to drug trafficking offenses, money laundering, criminal conspiracy, corporate crime, organized crime, tax laws and offenses and all immigration matters. In addition, he is an expert in dealing with European and foreign arrest, extradition, and transferring of cases. On a discretionary basis, Mr. Tirelli will accept murder and sexual assault cases. Mr. Tirelli is on the official list of recommended attorneys by the United States Embassy, the British Consulate and the Canadian Embassy of Italy. Mr. Tirelli is available to provide assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Mr. Tirelli is dedicated to providing the best representation to his clients.

Mr. Tirelli attended the University of Torino where he acquired his Law Degree and a Master Degree in Business. Mr. Tirelli speaks English, Spanish, Portugese, and French.
In addition to his law practice Mr. Tirelli has served as an expert in many other causes. He was an adjunct professor at the University of Arboleda in Colombia, South America where he taught Public International Law, Extradition Laws and International Conventions. He serves as a consultant to important government and institutional bodies. He has worked on matters such as the Argentine Desaparecidos, the Noriega Trial, Brazilian Extradition Law and Trade in Columbia. He collaborated with the government to assist in the drafting of several laws with the most recent being Law on Direct Divorce for the Republic of Italy. Mr. Tirelli has also served as a consultant for the Brazilian Federal Government in matters pertaining to international terrorism and events relating to judicial cooperation between the Middle East and Asia.

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